Of Perfumes & Gods

— Tales of Olibanum —

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An exploration of one of the world’s
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If the journey into these olibanum tales just whetted your appetite for more, here are a few resources that might be of interest:

Some olibanum-esque resources

  • ❧ Read a lovely article about frankincense in Oman, Scents of Place [by Tim Mackintosh-Smith; appeared on the magazine Saudi Aramco World, May/June 2000].
  • ❧ Wondering about the photography book I read on the Incense Routes by Aldo Pavan? Here's a short video (c. 4 min) displaying many of those photos, taken over 20 years ago, in Oman. Beautiful.
  • ❧ The kind lady whose pictures are featured in the illustrated version of the ebook has a blog; you may check her adventures in Oman here.
  • ❧ At the Middle East Institute they have a very complete article on frankincense, with great information (although I haven't been able to confirm some of the bits about its use in Egyptian embalming practices... not that I know of, at least).
  • {Agarwood, oud} Paradoxically enough, the most precious incense in Arabia (and many other places, too) is not olibanum, but oud, also known as aloeswood, agarwood, and many other names. You may read an interesting article about it here [by Eric Hansen; appeard on the magazine Saudi Aramco World, Nov/Dec 2000].