Of perfumes & Gods

Tales of olibanum

An exploration of olibanum (frankincense) at the edge where nature & culture meet.

If you enjoy history, myth, and science; if incense and scent pique your curiosity; if you like visiting exotic places with your imagination, delving into the heart of scented matter, or learning about the stories behind frankincense... well, this one could interest you.

"Perfume mysteriously warps the river of time into meanders, blending layers of memory and emotion until past and present touch and coalesce in a single, timeless experience."

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The next one's in the making.

However, if you'd like to read more and you happen to speak Spanish, now that's a different story...

La Invención del Reino Vegetal

Historias sobre plantas y la inteligencia humana


"Un libro raro pero fascinante." | Revista AirEuropa.

"Una pura delicia... Un libro único e inclasificable que nos ha entusiasmado." | Salamanca al día.

"(...) un singularísimo libro de divulgación, donde cultura, historia y arte se entremezclan con saberes botánicos y anécdotas sobre el reino de las plantas y su larga y a veces casi ignorada relación con la historia humana." | Leer.

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